You don’t read?

This just came to me today. I realized that most of the time when I discuss with someone who tells me how bored they usually are, I find out that most of them dislike reading.​​

This post is for “my people” who see reading as a boring endeavor or a waste of time. There are several beautiful things about reading, but for the purpose of making this a short post, here’s a few.

  • It is usually better than a movie, as it leaves room for your imagination which makes you absorb the content in diverse ways.​
  • It opens you to new ideas.
  • It keeps you busy and entertained most times when there is lack of anything to do in certain social situations.
  • The more quality books you read, the more your brain’s capacity for reading increases; the more you read the easier it gets.

Disclaimer: For those who don’t read in depth or can’t seem to read for long due to boredom or whatever’s in the book. I suggest you start with light reading on topics you find exciting and know you can gladly discuss about. Move unto reading books with more words on those topics and from there you can branch into reading related topics or other topics entirely.

If you have comments concerning reading or more advice, please feel free to do so in the comment section. Stay entertained!!!